Monday, 3 July 2017

I'm a hat

I have not seen my owner in quite a while, I feel like I just have been chucked in a bin and treated badly.
I've got a chewed string and a wet floppy brim. I must not have a really not nice owner.  I’m used at lunchtime, teachers tell people to wear this.  I think that my owner is not wearing me because it might be winter.  My owner just might not like me because they might have wanted more of a sporty one, maybe a cool one.  I also get put by the washing box for two whole terms!  My owner might not fit me, or maybe my owner might be ignoring me, or maybe not even taking notice of me.   My owner used to chew and then cut off the string, probably because she was choking. Just because I have been lying by the tub house and I smell, it does not mean that my owner can't wear me.  Wait a minute my family has gone oh no they have probably gone to replace me for new one.

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