Thursday, 6 July 2017

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 Science Blog Week 7
This week I did golf courses and did it with Isaac Ethan and Tejas.
 And now at first we found it really hard because we could not work it out.
What I learnt
I learnt that if you use rebounds it makes it easier for it to be a hole in one.
The things I saw were the bridge was really skinny for the ping pong ball so it didn't always work.
Next time I could improve the bridge by making it wider.
Also the height of the book because it was to high for the ball to roll to the end.

 science blog week 7
What I did
This week I did catapults and it was hard to do because I had to make one in fifteen minutes.
What I learnt
I learnt was the further you can pull your catapult the further it goes.
I wounder…
I wonder what would happen if you fired three cotton balls and see what the difference.
Something I need to improve on is give myself more time to work on making it.

Science blog week 6 push and pull.
This week I had a choice out of three activities chair pulleys ping pong ramps or basketball bounce the one I chose was ping pong ramp because I wanted to learn about speeding it up and slowing it down.
The people I worked with were Isaac Ethan and Josh.
The things I used to make it was the meter rulers and pencils working boards and the books and book holders.
What I found out
I found out that if you use a heavier ball
it goes down faster so that meant the ping pong ball would be slower.
When I tried it didn't work because it missed our stop spot so we use our Angle of the boards then it worked.
What I wonder
I wonder what would happen if I used no books and did not have a bridge because I think the start would not work as good.
I also wonder what would happen if we used no pencils.
I wonder if we used books on the side.

Science blog week 5
This term I have been doing science I have been doing
a lot science
The first thing I did was catapults with Danielle and I learnt
a lot about
it the first thing I leant was if you
drop something heavy
on the catapult.
Our catapult would fire the cotton ball
our one worked by putting weight on.

Science week 4
Then I did.
Then after that I did rocket  balloons
I worked with Isaac Ethan and Tejas .
 We actually could not figure it out because
we tried one idea and it did not work.
Our next idea after that I learnt a lesson and that was to to draw a plan on a piece of paper to see if it will work.

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