Wednesday, 8 November 2017

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I have taken this photo because it shows the Maori culture is related to our school.

good afternoon everyone,today I am here to talk about the most coolest days of my life.
so there was this day and it was so boring all it was was lazing around until my dad told me the most amazing thing in the world and that was that one of the top ten best drummers in the world was coming to my house and plus Martin Guptill's cousin was coming too!
so the moment I heard I ran to the tree right outside our house and climbed up it. Then half an hour later they're still not here I was getting worried but then I released that I did not know when they were coming. I ran inside asked dad and he said in a hour but then dad said he needed help to set up the drum for him to play on. Then when we were finished he was five minutes away from  coming so I ran to the tree once more. Then I waited for four minutes then he came and I was so excited to see him play the drums but then I remembered that there were still lessons. So we had dinner first it and was cooked on the barbecue which is one of my Favourite.
Then finally we got to go out to the drums and as we were going out I almost screamed because I was so excited to see one of the best drummers in the world drum so he started drumming with such a hard beat that my dad could not even play it.
Then I got asked to play in front of him so I did I was so happy that that was done for because I was so nervous that I could just stop in the middle of what I was playing in front of him.
Then after that we went outside and played cricket and I bowled him out first bowl.
Then we went inside and had the best dessert ever and I got heaps of it because he was gluten free so that meant more for me. then after that he put us in a video that lots of people watch so that meant I was famous. then I had to go to bed. then in the morning I said I had dream that one of the best drummers ever then I told mum and dad all about it then they said it actually happened so that is my experience with one of the best drummers in the world but in the morning dad showed the video and felt quiet embarrassed because at one stage of the video the phone was just on me and he got me to say a few stuff and about one thousand people watch his stuff so that meant that one thousand people were watching me at one stage of the video so that was probably my most embarrassing moments of my life.
So after connell my brother heard that he was in not in the video he was not that happy so after that it was a hard day for me and a angry and chasing day for my brother
So that is the end of my speech.  

White chairs
Today I'm going to talk about the white chairs in town so let's get started.  So we were walking along and then we came past a whole swarm of chairs there was hundreds of them and then I decided that I would take a photo of all the chairs I could in the time we had to stay there so I took about 60 photos of the chairs.
So now I'm going to talk about what I did before I took all the photos I sat on all the chairs and my favourite was the rocking ones.

Drama Llama
so now I'm going to talk about when I did drama.
So let's get started.  The first thing I did was get a buddy and then one person would be a robot and someone would control you by saying where to go.
Then after we got given a piece of paper we had to act the thing it said on the piece of paper.
Then after that we had to make up an act for the end of Little Red Riding Hood it was funny because Oliver was a rock and the wolf would fall over the rock so that was what we did for drama.

So now I'm talking about when I did dancing so let's get started.
So the first thing I did was improvising to music by just having a fun dance.
Then we had to do a dance but we had to do certain dance moves so we had a long time to think of what we were doing and practicing it until it was time to show what we had done for our dance.

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